The Chemical Engineer Can Enter Any Career.

Although chemical engineering is geared towards process engineering, patroleum extraction and the like, a chemical engineer can do just about anything they want. Chemical Engineering is a rigorous programm that teaches those involved how to solve some of the toughest problems. If one succeeds in learning how to solve such an array of problems, one can apply this skill to any application in the work feild. Some Jobs that could foster the engineering mindset are Law, business, politics, education, and research.

I am very proud of being a chemical engineer, I am starting whats called the Engineering for Life project. The purpose is to show that every sector of the economy needs an engineer, and that the engineering lifestyle does not include any limitations. The questions that this project will seek answers to are A) How can an Engineer impact Law, Politics and Business, B) What Skills do engineers need to go into Law, Politics, or Business, C) What type of research is going on in medicine, energy, and consumer technology, D) what do engineers need to do to be a part of this research.

There will be questions added to the list, but the project will provide a pathway for Chemical Engineers (and other engineers as well) to become a great positive influence on society. Engineers are needed, and they have the opportunity to solve all of the worlds greatest challenges. Let us all work to improve living standards, healthcare, safftey, law, and politics. Engineering for Life is solving challenges, and this program will help you in achieving that status.

politicians, economists, and engineers on the energy crisis.

What to do about energy, here is what an array of predominant figures have to say.

How Nuclear Power works and what politicians think about it

A video of politicians talking about nuclear power.

information about Nuclear Power

Information about nuclear power from

Nuclear Power

Many people do not understand the truth about Nuclear Power.

Theoretically Nuclear power makes the most sense, because there is more potential energy stored in enriched uranium than any other viable energy fuel, Nuclear energy is the best alternative energy source. Because So much power is generated per unit of uranium, using this as a power source will have the smallest impact on the environment. If we compare it to other sources of energy, the amount of waste created is substantially less when using a nuclear energy source. The exciting thing about nuclear energy is the fact the the potential of this energy source has not been reached, meaning that Research and development will directly result in better energy production. This has been true in countires like france who have made developments in Nuclear technlology which have minimized the environmental impacts of the energy source, while maximizing energy output. The most exciting technologies is the idea of nuclear fusion, and the potetial of this technology is phenominal.

It is very clear that the postives aspects of Nuclear engineering from a scientific stand-point clearly out weigh the negative impacts. Developement of this technology has and will create a more and more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly energy source. The Nuclear technologies provide a pathway to an energy source which has the realistic potetial to provide 100% of the world’s energy needs while those energy needs rise.

Economically Nuclear power provides the most affordable alternative. The investment in Nuclear power infrastructure, including  Research and Development will pay off. This is because of the awesome energy potential of Uranium. The greatest thing however, is that investment in nuclear power plants using today’s technologies also pay off, if we compare the costs of operations using each energy source it looks like this:

Electricity Production Cost by Fuel Type (2007)

  • Nuclear: 1.76 cents per kWh
  • Coal: 2.47 cents per kWh
  • Natural gas: 6.78 cents per kWh
  • Oil: 10.26 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh)

Taking into consideration that solar and wind power costs around 15cents (as a low estimate) per kWH we can see that Nuclear fuel is the most economic source of energy.

Nuclear energy is the only viable source of energy heading into the future.

The world is facing an energy crisis, more people than every are emerging into the middle class because more businesses are starting, and big business are expanding. This process is a direct result of globalization, and is usually viewed as a positive force. These people have added tremendous value to the world economy.  There is however one problem, the energy strucuter currently in use is not designed to provide power for all the new and projected consumers. Oil, coal and other fuels as an energy source do not have the energy out-put capability to provide power to all of the projected energy consumers.

Nuclear power has the potential to provide power for all and any energy consumer without having tremendous effects on the environment. Nuclear power is the only energy source that has the capability of providing excess power when power needs double or even triple. This is why the investment in Nuclear Energy is an important descision to make, and a step that all of the developed world should go through with.


-Trevor Slade

To get a masters or not.

So Here i am, already getting in tremendous amounts of debt, and looking at the types of jobs I could get with a bachelors. Well the average starting salary for a student with a chemical engineering bachelors degree is $54,000, while the average starting salary for a masters in chemical engineering is 57,000 per year, and the average starting salary for a Ph.D is 80,000. Chemical engineers in general earn a median salary of 80,000. Now all this information is from one source while a newer source gives its opinion on Chemical Engineering salaries.

“Higher education is also correlated with higher income, as shown in Table 8. The median salary of chemical engineers with a bachelor’s degree is $89,563; with a master’s degree, $98,578; and with a doctorate, $112,874”

Well in any case, furthering your education sounds like a reallly good idea. Any posts on this would be extremely helpful~~~

Free text books, good idea?

I wonder sometimes why text books are so darn expensive. I mean my girlfriend just spent 1400 dollars on her books for one simester. My Chemistry book was 200 dollars. Now I know that publishers take risks, and need to make money but 200 a book is a little steep!

I look online at books for calculus, there are the Mcgraw Hill books for 150 – 200 dollars or calculus for dummies for 25. I am pretty sure they are the same content, and both have to make money, but why is calculus for dumies, ( a perhaps better learning resource) so much cheaper. This goes further than this example if you go on amazon there are some books on thermodynamics which are 10 dollars, while the McGraw Hill versions are at least 100.

Well anyway, here are exerpts from an article from the nytimes written by Coam Cohen. He compares the text book industry to the drug industry and states that unlike the drug industry where researches dont have much leaverage against pharmaceutical companies, professeurs can do something about text book prices. He follows a proffeseur, or multiple professuers, who are starting to take action against these publishers.

“SQUINT hard, and textbook publishers can look a lot like drug makers. They both make money from doing obvious good — healing, educating — and they both have customers who may be willing to sacrifice their last pennies to buy what these companies are selling.

It is that fact that can suddenly turn the good guys into bad guys, especially when the prices they charge are compared with generic drugs or ordinary books. A final similarity, in the words of R. Preston McAfee, an economics professor at Cal Tech, is that both textbook publishers and drug makers benefit from the problem of “moral hazards” — that is, the doctor who prescribes medication and the professor who requires a textbook don’t have to bear the cost and thus usually don’t think twice about it.

“The person who pays for the book, the parent or the student, doesn’t choose it,” he said. “There is this sort of creep. It’s always O.K. to add $5.”

“In protest of what he says are textbooks’ intolerably high prices — and the dumbing down of their content to appeal to the widest possible market — Professor McAfee has put his introductory economics textbook online free. He says he most likely could have earned a $100,000 advance on the book had he gone the traditional publishing route, and it would have had a list price approaching $200.”

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