Law Degree After Chemical Engineering

How does Law school sound?

What should I do if I want to Go to law school after Chemical Engineering?

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  1. If you have good english, and writing skills and you are a chemical engineering major, you may want to consider law school. Perhaps the way to use your duel skills best is by becoming a patent attourney. If you think Chemical engineers make alot of money, a patent attourney’s average salary is 110K/ year base.
    Now if we take into account that the average salary of all lawyers starts at 57,000 and the average salary of a lawyer who graduates from stanford is 125,000 imagine what the average salary of a patent attourney who graduated from stanford will be! The ideal situation is getting into one of the top ten law schools
    these schools are,
    6-UC Berckly
    7-University of Chicago
    8-University of Pennsylvania
    10-University of Michigan- ANN ARBOR

    Now the most important thing you have to do if you want to go to one of these schools is study for the LSAT. Also maintain a relativley high GPA, (3.7+)
    If you do it, you will be making mucho bucks in the end!

    • The statement to the effect that an average patent attorney’s salary is 110K/year is misleading — albeit I do note that it was qualified as “base” and not as total compensation. Salaries — as you know — depend on a number of considerations such as area of the country, experience, schools attended, honors, etc. Ultimately, its how well you sell yourself! In some parts of the country 110K is what you should expect as a patent attorney with 0-3 years of experience in the field. With 5-8 you should look at 160 -180K/year and over 10 years of notable experience you may be pulling down over 200K. All ye engineer-lawyers, do not sell yourselves short. You have a unique skill set and as highly skilled professionals should expect to be compensated as such. Good luck!!!

  2. The “best value law schools”
    Tbe National Jurist and preLaw magazines have published a ranking of the Best Value Law Schools, based on three factors:

    Tuition below $25,000 (public schools) and $30,000 (private schools)
    Bar passage above state average
    Employment rate > 85%
    The magazines rank 62 schools; here are the Top 25 Best Value Law Schools:

    North Carolina Central
    Georgia State
    Florida State
    Texas Tech
    West Virginia
    New Mexico
    North Dakota

  3. Having trouble getting into law shool? Why not try lowering you standards. Here is a list of law schools which have a high acceptance rate! (ie over 50%)

    Thomas M. Cooley Law School (MI) – 73%
    Santa Clara University- 52%
    University of Tulsa- 52%
    Widener University- 51%

  4. Here is a list of the Top 20 Patent attourney programms (understand that as a chemical engineer you may want to consider patent law)

    1- George Washington University
    2- University of Texas at Austin
    3- DePaul University
    4- Columbia University
    5- University of Virginia
    6- University of California at Berkely
    7- Harvard University
    8- University of Tennessee
    9 Cornell University
    10- Boston University
    11- Gerogetown University
    12- New York University
    13- University of Houston
    14- Stanford University
    15- University of Missouri- Columbia
    16 Washington University
    17- University of Chicago
    18- University of Iowa
    19 Indiana University- Pudue University
    20- Suffolk University
    21- George Mason University
    22- University of Richmond
    23- University of Washington
    24- Northwestern University
    25- American University
    26- Indiana University
    27- University of Michigan
    28- Santa Clara University
    29- Ohio State University
    20- University of Minnesota

    • Roughly 1 in 38 lawyers in the US is a Patent Attorney. As you undoubtedly know you need a technical background to qualify for the US Patent Bar … Pass rate is roughly 55 percent which includes candidates from all schools.
      Anyone that passes the patent bar and their respective State bars (especially CA) first time out of the gate is as prepared and as qualified as anyone from any school. A GPA is only of significance in cases in which the individual has absolutely no work experience to recommend him/her. So to all ye graduate engineers with a law degree, I got one thing to say: You are “NULLI SECUNDUS”.

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