Evacuations in Pennsylvania because of Chemical Leaks!!

Indespec, a chemical plant in pennsylvania had a chemical leak which caused clouds of SUFURIC ACID!!! The plant creates glues used for tires, and the leak resulted from an overflow of one of the tanks. Here is what CNN has to say about the event.

(article is from www.cnn.com)

(CNN) — A leak at a western Pennsylvania chemical plant Saturday formed a toxic cloud that affected more than 2,000 residents, authorities said.

Hundreds of residents were forced to flee Saturday after a chemical leak in Petrolia, Pennsylvania.

Hundreds of residents were forced to flee Saturday after a chemical leak in Petrolia, Pennsylvania.

Authorities located the source of the leak at the Indspec Chemical Corp. plant in Petrolia and shut it down. Freda Tarbell, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, said it may not be until mid-morning Sunday before officials allow residents to return home.

Plant manager Dave Dorko said all employees and inspectors at the plant were safe and accounted for.

Officials said three people were taken to hospitals, but the extent of their injuries and conditions was not known.

Tarbell described the chemical as fuming sulfuric acid, which is also known as oleum. She said the plant uses the chemical during its production process for its ability to absorb water.

Tarbell said some residents decided to spend the night with friends and relatives while others sought refuge in shelters that were set up. Video Watch why residents were asked to evacuate »

Those who opted to stay indoors and “shut their windows and doors to make sure the acid cloud was not entering their home,” Tarbell said.

Ed Schrecengost, a former Indspec employee, said firefighters showed up at his son’s wedding reception, urging the guests to leave the scene.

“It’s about as dangerous as you can get,” Schrecengost told CNN affiliate WPXI. “It’s a very fuming acid. A quart bottle of this material could fill a household in two seconds.”

Torko said the leak was caused by an overflow from a tank. The material, he said, evaporates easily, creating a toxic cloud.

The plant produces a chemical called Resorcinol, a strong glue used in the tire industry.

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