Phiten necklaces

Phiten Necklaces promise relief from fatigue and stress.Listent to this, phiten necklaces are worn by more than 200 Major League Baseball players and many more world class athletes.  So clearly, Baseball players are eaten up by the Phiten fad, but do these miracle necklaces acutually do anything? Here is the claim as to why these phiten necklaces can help out:

“Phiten works by stabilizing the electric flow that nerves use to communicate actions to the body. ‘All of the messages in your body travel through electricity, so if you’re tired or just pitched nine innings, the electricity isn’t flowing as smoothly as it can,’ said Joe Furuhata, a Phiten spokesman. ‘Phiten necklaces smooth out those signals.'”

So the Phiten will help the electricity travel better in your body, sound kindof strange? Well it is! There is absolutley no scientific proof, or any scientist backing this technology. Phiten Will do nothing for your body or any electric current or anything. In fact it was shown that you body reacts more to Magnets than phiten. Intense studies were done on the bodies reaction to magnets for applications of computerized topography scan machines, and these tests did not result in any of the changes that baseball players claim come from wearing phiten necklaces.

Lastly here is what Dr. Orrin Sherman, chief of sports medicine at the New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases has to say about phiten necklaces,

“There’s just no way the chemical structure of the body can be influenced by magnets that small. It’s all superstitions with no scientific basis.”

Therefore do not purchase one of these silly things, they dont do anything. If you want just slip a luck piece of paper, or some other cheaper superstitious object into you sack bag and it will have the same effect!

Phiten Necklaces are a SCAM!

6 Responses

  1. It never ceases to amaze me that these so called educated people will fall for something as stupid as these necklaces. I’m glad to see that you are willing to call it what it is, nothing but a scam.

  2. I just bought this necklace in Japan, it works really well, it took away ALL of my pain, and when I take it off it makes me feel heavy and lethargic, so I try to wear it always.

  3. […] That is a bunch of non sense. It’s like the sleeping on magnet bed theory. Or wearing a copper bracelet while playing golf. It’s all in the player’s head. Any energy he (or she) get’s while wearing it is all concocted in their mind. Although the necklaces are neat looking, to say they do what they do is preposterous. […]

  4. i dont know much of the chemical or metal reaction happening in our body, but this Phiten X30 Ti necklace done something to sooth my shoulder muscles and relieve the tension in minutes after wearing…im not advertising or endorsing Phiten, im just sharing my personal experience….

    • Thanks for leaving this reply, I know that we ripped the product, but for some reason it seems to be working for you. I would like to say this is placebo effect, but since it is working so rapidly I am speachless. I still believe that is is junk, but I appreiciate your comment!

  5. I agree, same cause, same effect. phiten necklaces work. Everyone that say no don’t even have 1

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