Law School Review: The University of Akron School of Law

The university as a whole; The University of Akron is an open enrollment state institution.The school is located in Akron Ohio.

Its Law shool is perhaps one of its best attributes. The University of Akron School of Law was rated 2nd best value in the nation.

Unlike the undergraduate school at Akron, the Law school is not open enrollment, in fact out of 1,919 applicants 732 were given offers. The median LSAT score is a 156, with a GPA of 3.14. Tuition for Residents is $16,497 per year and living expenses are estimated at $14,402 per year.Which is pretty cheap for law school.

Employment rate after 9 months of graduation is 92.8%.

Bar passing rates for first time test takers graduating from Akron is approximately 85%. (state average is 84%)| although in winter of 07 states passing rate was 79% and Akron’s was 92%|

Although the University of Akron School of Law is no harvard, it is a great Law school for those with a lower LSAT score and a moderate GPA. You can apply online for FREE so this is a very great backup school just incase you don’t get into the school of choice. You can apply here:


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