What an Obama supporter said to a McCain supporter

Richard who has decided to root for McCain said this on his blog http://richardsramblings.wordpress.com/2008/10/29/why-im-voting-for-john-mccain/

Why I’m Voting for McCain

One of these days, if and when third party candidates are a viable option and if the greater of the two evils can’t do any damage while in office, I might take a leap of faith and vote third party in the presidential elections.

For now, I will refrain from doing that and vote for John McCain on November 4.

There are issues with which I agree with McCain strongly and those that I don’t. Then there is Barack Obama, a man whose style triumphs over his substance and who is wrong on virtually every issue while bringing to the table a woeful lack of experience or assertiveness. I find Obama’s talk of “change” to be nothing more than recycled demagoguery.

As an independent conservative, I believe McCain is right on three key issues: cutting spending while keeping taxes low, protecting America’s sovereignty and security against terrorists and the issue of life. Whereas Obama feels that the question of when life begins is “above [his] pay grade”, McCain emphatically believes that life begins at conception.

I listened to the first two debates between McCain and Obama. McCain seemed rough early in the first debate but picked up steam as the debate went on. Granted, he’s not a great speaker, but I observed many more attempts by McCain to offer specifics to his plans than what Obama did. In the second debate, a town-hall format, Obama frequently looked lost. (I guess not having a teleprompter will do that). Here in Michigan where car/deer accidents happen daily, that’s a look you don’t want to see in a president.

Especially if there’s a 3 a.m. call and a crisis to deal with.

Then there’s the tax issue. I find Obama’s plan one that’s vague and seems to change whenever new focus group data comes in. I cringe to think of those who might be considered “rich” under Obama. Perhaps two of my brothers-in-law–one who’s a small business owner and the other who’s about to open his own small trucking business. Perhaps freelance clients of mine. Of course, it’s hard to tell since nailing down specifics on Obama’s tax plan is like trying to drink tea using chopsticks.

Yes, there’s a deficit, and yes, the war on terror has been costly. But when I consider a candidate like Obama who wants to increase taxes and government spending while we already have a deficit and national debt, I have to ask this: considering how many billions of dollars annually our government already wastes irresponsibly, why should it be given even more money to spend? Obama said we need a scalpel instead of an axe when cutting the budget. I disagree. Do we really need a National Endowment for the Arts? Do we really need faith-based initiatives? Whether a Republican or Democrat gets elected, do we really need multi-million-dollar inaugural galas?

When it comes to the war on terror, Obama especially worries me. I don’t think he really understands the evil we’re up against, especially since he has reported ties to the Nation of Islam and considering that he wants to have dialogues with regimes like Iran (which doesn’t recognize Israel and whose president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, denies the Holocaust took place). Obama runs the same old, tired approach that America is responsible for the world’s being angry with us and that it’s up to liberals to go out there and repair the international damage Bush has done. Yes, the same liberals who were offended by President Ronald Reagan referring to the Soviet Union as an “evil empire” and who view foreign policy as a glorified popularity contest.

When it comes to protecting this country and growing its economy, I’d rather put my trust in a senator who feels that tax cuts should be accompanied by spending cuts, one who believes the government should be thrifty instead of spendthrifty, and one who knows, first-hand, what it’s like to serve one’s country and suffer for it. I don’t see those qualities in Obama; instead, I see a man who talks the talk but is too dreadfully inexperienced and unwise to walk the walk. For these reasons, I will be voting for John McCain for president.”

Why This McCain Supporter Should Actually vote for OBAMA

I have to disagree when you say that Obama is wrong on every issue, if fact I think that he is right on the majority of them.

The first issue Obama is right on has to be the need for the federal government to make crucial investments. The government needs to invest in four things: education, infrastructure, technology, and military. The United States has fallen behind in 3 out of four of these things, and is threatened to fall behind in all of them. The US education system for primary education is terrible, in fact we fall behind south africa in this category. Our infrastructure is starting to get old, and obsolete, if you have evey been to tokyo, or korea, or china you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. We are WAY behind in green technology, to understand the implications of this imagine if we were behind in computer tech when that was imerging, imagine if apple and microsoft were chinese companies, and we had to obey their incredible power and work in sweat shops to make hardware to run these software applications! Military is the last, and China and Russia would love to just take the number one spot from us, and we just can’t afford that to happen. Therefore we need to invest as heavily as we can in these four areas.

The second is health care. As diagnostic technology becomes more and more advanced, private companies will be more and more informed and therefore will be less and less likely to provide health care to those who need it. already we are seeing health care prices going up, and with over 25% of the country uninsure, there is a huge problem. Tax payers pay for the uninsured, and the legal fees assosiated with that, (health care is the number one reason for bankruptcy.) We as a nation should tackle this problem, rather than ignore it.

The third (and finale for now) is international politics. Just admit it people around the world love Obama, and there is a reason. He is the type of guy built for foreign relations. When he went to Germany over 200,000 people showed up to his speach, and he is just a running mate! Mr. Obama has the ability to improve America’s standing in the world both because of his personality as well as his policies. Mr. Obama brings a more friendly America to the table, one who listens, and colaborates with its allies, and attempts to negotiate with its enemies. Obviously ignoring our allies and enemies is a failed policy, and Obama will change that.

So as far as that goes, I am voting for Obama, and the notion that he is wrong on everythin is just false, in fact he is more in tuned than Mr. McCain, or any other politician in office.


What do you think?

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