Proposition 4 results

Results for Proposition 4 suggest that the proposition was rejected. At this time 99% of pricincts have reported and 52% of California voters have voted no on the issue. Proposition 4 was not as popular as proposition 8, however it was significant in the sense that it could have made a significant ammendment to the state constitution.

This measure would amend the state constitution to require physicians to notify the parents or legal guardian of a pregnant minor at least 48 hours before performing an abortion involving that minor. The measure does not require that parent or guardian’s actual consent in order to perform the abortion. Exceptions are provided in the cases of medical emergencies. Also, an adult family may be notified instead if the minor fears abuse from the parent or guardian. Parents may also waive the notification requirement

The argument against the proposition is that it would promote uderage women who got pregnant to attempt to perform abortions themselves, which has proven to be a dangerous game. So at this point we see that California is Pro- choice, for this aspect of abortion.

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