University Rankings: Civil Engineering (2008)

1- University of California- Berkeley

2-University of Illinois- Urbana – Champaign


4-University of Texas- Austin

5-Georgia Institute of Technology



8-University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

9-California Institute of Technology


11-Northwestern University

12-Virginia Tech

13-Carnegie Mellon University

14-Texas A&M

15-University of Wisconsin- Madison

16-University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

17-Penn State

18-University of Washington

20-Johns Hopkins

21-University of California-Davis

22-University of California San Diego

23-University of Maryland-College Park

24-Lehigh University

25-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

26-North Carolina State University

27-University of Colorado-Boulder



30-University of Florida

31-Colorado State University

32-Columbia University


34-University of Southern California

35-University of Arizona

36-Arizona State University

37-Ohio State University

38- University at Buffalo-SUNY

39-Michigan State University

40-Iowa State University

41-University of Virginia

42-University of California-Irvine

43-Univeristy of Iowa

44-Washington University in St. Louis

45-University of Missouri-Rolla

46-University of Massachusetts-Amherst

47-University of Notre Dame

48-Vanderbilt University

49-Auburn University

50-Case Western Reserve University

Mechanical Engineering University Rankings(2008)

1- MIT


3-University of Michigan 

4-University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

5-University of California- Berkeley

6-California Institute of Technology

7-Princeton University

8- Cornell

9-University of Texas at Austin

10- University of Minnesota 

11-University of California-San Diego

12-Penn State

13- Northwestern 

14-Georgia Institute of Technology

15-University of California- LA

16-Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst

17- Texas A&M

18-Purdue University

19-Carnegie Mellon


21-Virginia Polytech Inst & State University 

22-North Carolina State University

23-University of Wisconsin- Madison

24-University of Pennsylvania

25-Ohio State University

26-Case Western Reserve University

27-University of California-Davis

28-Columbia University

29-Lehigh University

30- Michigan State University

31- Rice

32-University of Arizona

33-University of Maryland College Park

34-University of Washington

35-University of Southern California

36- University of Notre Dame

37-Rutgers State University- New Brunswick

28-Oklahoma State University

39-University of Delaware


41-Johns Hopkins University


43-University of California-Irvine

44-Clemson University 

45-State University of New York-Buffalo

46-University of Cincinnati

47-University of Utah

48-University of Iowa

49-University of Virginia

50-University of Colorado

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Chemical Engineering University Rankings

Here are the Latest Chemical Engineering Programm Rankings. (2008)

1- MIT

2-University of California- berkeley

3-University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

4-University of Minnisota


6-University of Wisconsin- Madison

7-University of Texas at Austin

8-Carnegie Mellon


10-California Institute of Technology


12-University of Delaware

13-University of Houston

14-University of Pennsylvania

15-Purdue University

16-University of California- Santa Barbara

17- University of MAssachusetts at Amherst

18-University of Michigan

19-Penn state

20-Northwestern University

21-Rice University

22-Cuny- Grand Sch and University Center

23-Lehigh University

24-University of Washington

25-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

26-University of Notre Dame

27- University of Colorado

28- Johns Hopkins University

29- Yale

30-State University of New York- Buffalo

31-University of Virginia

32-Ohio State University

33-Iowa State University

34- University of California – Davis

35- Georgia Institute of Technology

36- Texas A&M

37- North Carolina State University

38-University of California- LA

39- Michigan State University

40-Rutgers State University- New Brunswick

41-University of Florida

42-Louisiana State U&A&M

43-University of Pittsburgh

44-Columbia University

45-Case Western Reserve University

46-Clarkson University

47-University of Tulsa

48-University of Utah

49-Brigham Young University

50- University of Maryland College Park

Law School Review: The George Washington University Law School

George Washington University is ranked in the top 20 law schools in the nation (usually around 20) and has a fantanstic Patent law program. George Washington University has a stellar passing rate for the bar with 94% of students passsing the first time they took it compated to 77% average for the New York Area. Of 501 graduates last year, 96.2% of them found employment sooner than 9 months after graduation.

Getting into George Washington University Law school is difficult, if you scored higher than a 175 on the LSAT you have an excellent chance of getting in as long as your GPA is better than a 3.0, if you scored higher than a 170 on the LSAt you have a good chance of getting in as long as your GPA is better than a 3.0, if you score above a 165 you have a good chance of getting in as long as your GPA is better than a 3.74, if you scored above below a 160 you only have a chance to get in if you have a GPA better than a 3.74!

The web- site for the law school is .

My Prediction for the future of Blue Ray

I have made predictions in the past, and after time passed discovered the accuracy of my prediction. At this point, I find interest in making a prediction about the future of blue ray technology. 

I predict that Blue Ray will not be the new DVD. There was a lot of skeptisism when DVD came out, people werent so sure about switching from VHS. At that time DVD was the only realistic “next step” for movie watchers, and perhaps more importantly movie producers to switch to. In the end, DVD technology took over the market, DVDs were easier to make, had better picture quality, and amoung other things were easy to store. The DVD player also dropped in price, and DVDs become the next VHS.

Today is different however, because Blue Ray is not the only option for movie watchers, and movie producers. There are two technologies on the table, Blue ray, a continuation of the DVD(with better quality) or Digital. Blue ray technology is impressive, some blue ray discs can hold over 50GB of data, allowing full feature productions to be recorder on these discs in super high definition. However I believe that digital movies will win the race. As internet speeds reach higher and higher, and subscription prices lower and lower, I believe it will be reasonably to assume that streaming high definition movies will be a realistic option for movie consumers. Just like on demand today, digital libraries will contain movies that viewers can view for extremely cheap, if not free. If the consumer really wants to own the digital movie, they can purchase it via I tunes, or any other online media store. There are already web-sites doing this type of thing, most notably , but I expect the conveniece of digital media will carry over to movies and be responsible for stopping blue ray discs from becoming the next DVD.