Chemical Engineering University Rankings

Here are the Latest Chemical Engineering Programm Rankings. (2008)

1- MIT

2-University of California- berkeley

3-University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

4-University of Minnisota


6-University of Wisconsin- Madison

7-University of Texas at Austin

8-Carnegie Mellon


10-California Institute of Technology


12-University of Delaware

13-University of Houston

14-University of Pennsylvania

15-Purdue University

16-University of California- Santa Barbara

17- University of MAssachusetts at Amherst

18-University of Michigan

19-Penn state

20-Northwestern University

21-Rice University

22-Cuny- Grand Sch and University Center

23-Lehigh University

24-University of Washington

25-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

26-University of Notre Dame

27- University of Colorado

28- Johns Hopkins University

29- Yale

30-State University of New York- Buffalo

31-University of Virginia

32-Ohio State University

33-Iowa State University

34- University of California – Davis

35- Georgia Institute of Technology

36- Texas A&M

37- North Carolina State University

38-University of California- LA

39- Michigan State University

40-Rutgers State University- New Brunswick

41-University of Florida

42-Louisiana State U&A&M

43-University of Pittsburgh

44-Columbia University

45-Case Western Reserve University

46-Clarkson University

47-University of Tulsa

48-University of Utah

49-Brigham Young University

50- University of Maryland College Park

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