Some Basic Definitions: Chemical Engineering

Absolute Error- Error in a number that is a fixed value

AE- American Engineering System of Units

Conversion of units-change of units from one set to another

Derived units- Units deveopled in terms of the fundamental units

Dimensional consistency- Each term in an equation must have the same set of net dimesions

Dimensionless group- A collection of cariables or parameters that has no net dimensions

Dimensions- The basic concepts of measurement such as lenght or time

Force- A derived unit for the product of the mass and the acceleration

Fundamental units- Units that can be measured independently

Mass- A basic dimension for the amount of material

Pound force- The unit of force in the AE system

Pound force- The unit of mass in the AE system

Relative error- Fraction or percent error for a number

SI- Le System Internationale d’Unites (SI system of units)

Units- Method of expressing a dimension such as ft or hour

Validation- Determination that the solution to a problem is correct

Weight- A force opposite to the force required to support a mass (usually in a gravitational field)

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