Birmingham Police Beating

In the recent news, a police beating has been uncovered.
Police beat a man who was unconcience from being ejected from his mini- van.
The beating was caught on tape, and prosecuters are working to formulate a punishment for this crime.
Here is the full account as reported by the washington post:
“Five Police Officers Fired for Taped Beating: Five police officers in Birmingham, Ala., were fired for beating an apparently unconscious suspect after a roadway chase, an attack caught on a patrol car videotape that didn’t surface publicly for a year. Police Chief A.C. Roper said the officers, who were not identified, were seasoned veterans but acted in a “shameful” manner. The video shows police pursuing Anthony Warren’s van on Jan. 23, 2008. The van overturned, ejecting Warren, who lay motionless as officers punched him, kicked him and hit him with a billy club. District Attorney Brandon Falls said the tape surfaced as prosecutors were preparing to try Warren on assault charges in connection with the chase.”

The real issue here is to remember that police, and any civil authorities, are far from perfect. Many times, police abuse their authority.
I am not very sympathetic towards police for the most part. Many times, they have not completed any form of formal education after high school, and while that is not a defining aspect of anyone’ s personality, I believe that power should be handled by those who understand the ethics envolved. Many times, I see police officers who do not understand the implications of their actions. This causes many problems for society because, while we must obey police men to avoid punishment, many times policemen are dishonest because they do not understand the significance of their actions.

One personal example that I have with these types of policemen involves a speeding ticket.
In June of 2006, I was going 80 mph on the free way (speed limit 65).
I noticed a car with its lights off following me. I continued at 80mph towards my destination. I came to realize that the car behind me was, in fact, a policeman when he turned on his siren. He was pulling me over. When he walked up to my window, he told me that I deserved a wreckless driving ticket, which would cost near 1000 dollars.
For this type of ticket, I needed to appaer in court. When I went to court, I noticed that the judge didnt really care about anything, except getting off for lunch. It seemed like a McDonald’s drive through, one case after the other, as if they were timing each one to stay with in a 5 minute time frame. When It came to my turn, the policemen walked in. He had a lawyer with him, and they claimed that I had run a red light, almost hit a pedestrian, and was swerving on the free way at nearly 100 mph. He lied!
The judge showed no concern when I told him that the policeman was lying, and found me guilty, I then had to pay 750 dollars for the ticket, and my insurance rate sky rocketed.

I am not sure why policemen act without concern for common ethics sometimes. But it is important to understand the our justice system is not perfect!

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