Tournament Challenge Flop… (My Poor Bracket :( )

Holy smokes! This NCAA tournament has been fantastic! Unfortunately my Bracket is TOAST! First Pitt lost to butler, I couldn’t believe it! I had them all the way to the final four (and so did pretty much EVERYBODY else!!) The game was ridiculous, especially the end. A foul on a REBOUND to give the other team the victory??? Then Duke lost to Arizona, and I mean LOST. They got their butts kicked in the last half, and it wasn’t that Duke wasn’t playing well, Arizona was UNREAL!! I thought it was bad enough at that point, two of my final four choices were eliminated, but I still had a chance to get half of them! And then, last night Kentucky’s freshman guard Brandon Knight hit a 15 footer with five seconds to go to win a 2 point lead against the Buccaneers, and with 5 seconds to go, Ohio went for the 3!!! They had enough time to get in for a two but they took the risk… and lost! So here I am, three of my final four picks didn’t even make it to the elite 8! I guess that is what I get for picking number 1 picks. The only thing keeping me afloat is that I picked Kansas to win the whole thing, but with the way things are going they could fall prey to VCU!! What did I learn this year, I can’t predict the future… thats for sure!

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