So your grades dropped, what do you do now?

Not everyone can have a great GPA, especially in Chemical Engineering. If you find yourself watching your GPA plummet, and get to your junior year with near or below the crucial 3.0/4.0, here is some advice for you!
1) APPLY FOR JOBS, apply for every chemical engineering job you can find. Some companies won’t look at students with low GPA, but there are some out there who will give you a chance. Most notably, DOW chemical, Idaho National Labs, and University Research Internship programs. There isn’t a penalty for applying to jobs that have higher GPA requirements than you satisfy, just make sure to put your GPA on your resume, and be honest!
2) DON’T GIVE UP! You might find yourself feeling hopeless, feeling unemployable or just plain stupid. Being below the 50% line in school takes a huge chunk of your confidence, but graduating is an accomplishment! Don’t stop, if you need to stop looking at your test scores– DO IT. Just keep going to classes, keep trying to finish your homework, and keep studying for your tests.
3) JOIN A STUDY GROUP! Join a study group, network with your peers. School can be a lot more fun if you do it as a team, and if you are willing to work there are many students who will let you join their group. I would say that one of the greatest opportunities to make a difference in your grades is to study with a group.
4) GET RESEARCH/ WORK EXPERIENCE. Do this at any cost, if you can get some experience in the field you want to work in, you can really improve your chances for getting a job and the salary you will start at when you get that job! If you need to volunteer do it!