What should I do with my life, and more importantly how do I get there.

Here is a place where you can know wether or not to go to grad school, should you get an internhsip, yatta yatta yatta!

Ask us any questions about what you are doing, or maybe even what you should do, and we will give you a little push in the correct direction.

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  1. Some one asked me to help them find a good major/career, here is what I E-mailed them. This was a little bit specific to him, however if you enjoy biology you may find this helpful.

    The first major is Bio engineering. You mentioned that you enjoy biology and science and it doesnt really matter if you are “smart in it” or not because the secret is anybody who enjoys it can be good at it. Bioengineering envolves math as well as biology, but if thats at all intimidating it shouldnt be because I think anyone can learn math (with some work.)

    The second is Chemical Engineering. Now I know that you didnt mention chemistry as something you enjoy, but Chemical engineering is a great major. ( This is my major) The great thing about Chemical Engineering is that you can pretty much do anything you want with it. The bad thing about the major is that is is ALOT of work. There is a lot of math, chemistry and physics envolved, but because you enjoy science, I am pretty sure you could do it.

    The third is Economics. Economics will give you what you need to theorize/ disprove all you want. Because you seem like the type of person who would like to win any and every argument I am sure you would enjoy economics. If you do economics you would probably do yourself a favor to minor in philosophy. There is a warning with ECON though, you need to be careful which school you study at, econ majors can be a hot pick for employers if they go to the right school, if they dont they wont get a job.

    Now out of these three I definatly prefer Bio and Chemical Engineering mostly because you are GUARANTEED a job after you graduate, especially in chemical engineering. Any engineering degree will prepare you to do just about anything, but it is a rigorous programm. Economics is a great degree, but often you need to get a masters or Ph.D to really rake in the cash, not bad but if you want 4 years of school this is not for you.

    Lastly here are the job feilds I think you would enjoy, and a breif description why

    Law: law is all about knowing stuff, that is why it is so cool. When you graduate from law school and practice law, you are trained to research for facts in order to supplement an argument. This is a great skill to have, and very fun to live. (winning arguments is always a good thing)

    Research- research is a feild where your job is to prove and disprove things. Although it does sometimes get really meticulous, it usually pays off in the end. Aslo you will have tons of information at your fingertips, and will learn tons throughout you life.

    Please respond to this email with what you think. We can discuss what you think you want to do, and if any of these things sound remotely interesting I have loads of information to provide to you.

    Just so you know I will tell you my education path, and what I plan to do, and what I have to do to get there. The purpose is not to make you want to do the same thing (although if you do, great) but rather to show you a begining to end education career.

    Chemical Engineering bachelors with a minor in Nuclear Engineering, Mathmatics, Chemistry and Physics – from University of Utah
    Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering integrated masters progam University of Utah
    Take the LSAT
    apply for Law school
    J.D. with integrated Ph.D in Nuclear Engineering Hopefully University of California- Berkely

    Work as a patent attourney- (average income- 130,000/year my expected income 200-300K/year)

    • Wow things have changed since I started chemical engineering! I have lost my desire to go to law school because I worked as an engineer for a summer and it was way too fun! While becoming a patent attorney sounds interesting, I have fallen in love with a different career path; I love automation and process control. Control systems can be used in almost any industrial application. I worked this summer on the terminal of a crude oil pipeline, and designed and implemented controls for pumps, power stations, water treatment facilities and power distribution networks. It was amazing! From this experience, I recommend any one who is considering law school to work as an intern for a summer before they graduate. I thought working as an engineer for my lifetime would be a drag, but this summer I discovered that engineering is an exciting and fulfilling career option!

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