USPTO Registration Exam

If you want to be involved with patents, you need to pass the United States Patent and Trademark Office Registration exam. This exam is a test of your knowledge of the patent process. The test itself isn’t extremely difficult, qualifying for registration is definatly the limiting step. To qualify for the exam, an individual must display 1) good moral character, 2) Legal, scientific and technical qualifications necessary to provide valuable service, and 3) competence to advise and assist patent applicants in the presentation and prosecution of patent applications.

The second qualification is satisfied by a Bachelor’s degree in a technical subject (and Chemical Engineering counts ofcoarse) such as biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, and physics. You can pass the FE exam to satisfy this requirment as well!

Things that don’t count are soft sciences like philosophy, sociology, psychiatry, public health, etc.

My recommendation for engineering students is to graduate, pass the FE exam and then work to obtain your PE liscencing. After obtaining this liscense, you can take the USPTO Registration Exam and become a registered agent. After you have reached this level, you can choose to go to law school if you fall in love with writing patents, or keep working as an engineer.

Here is a past exam so you can get a feel for what the test is all about:

October 2003 AM

October 2003 AM Answers

October 2003 PM

October 2003 PM answers

Atual LSAT test

Planning to take the LSAT? Well you may want to consider studying! More than 50% of students who take the LSAT take a course or study from a book. Here is a full length LSAT test and solutions so you can practice taking one. To ensure the accuracy of your score, make sure to time your self and complete the test all in one sitting, click on the link for the PDF of the test!


Law School Review: The George Washington University Law School

George Washington University is ranked in the top 20 law schools in the nation (usually around 20) and has a fantanstic Patent law program. George Washington University has a stellar passing rate for the bar with 94% of students passsing the first time they took it compated to 77% average for the New York Area. Of 501 graduates last year, 96.2% of them found employment sooner than 9 months after graduation.

Getting into George Washington University Law school is difficult, if you scored higher than a 175 on the LSAT you have an excellent chance of getting in as long as your GPA is better than a 3.0, if you scored higher than a 170 on the LSAt you have a good chance of getting in as long as your GPA is better than a 3.0, if you score above a 165 you have a good chance of getting in as long as your GPA is better than a 3.74, if you scored above below a 160 you only have a chance to get in if you have a GPA better than a 3.74!

The web- site for the law school is .

Law School Review: The University of Alabama School of Law

The university of alabama is usually ranked highly in the “best value” catagory. The Law school’s tuition is $11,190/ year for residents and $22,170/ year for non residents with living expenses projected to be around $15,000 / year. The schools is pretty tough to get into; accepted students have a median LSAT score of 164, and median GPA of 3.59.

The percentage of students employed after 9 months of graduation is 92.5%.

The University of Alabama is a great school for a great price, if you can’t quite get into an Ivy league school this school would be a great second option.

Law School Review: Yale Law School

Yale is a private University in New Haven, Connecticut. Yale is the 3rd oldest institute of higher education and is a memeber of the Ivy League. Obviously anyone would love to go to YALE.

Yale Law school is always ranked in the top ten Law schools in the Nation, coming in first during the year 2008 according to top law, and has an average student to teacher ration of 7.4/1.

Getting in to Yale is extremely difficult. More than 3,000 people applied last year and just 241 of those applicants received an offer. Those who were accepted had a median GPA of 3.89, and a median LSAT score of 173. Realistically you need above a 3.75 GPA to get into Yale, where those who had above a 3.75 GPA and a 175 LSAT score had a little less than a 50% chance of getting in.

The percentage of students employed after 9 months of graduation is 95.5%. The schools passing rate for students taking the bar for the first time is 91% compared to a 77% state average.

Yale is HARD to get into, but if you have above a 3.75, and get a stellar LSAT score go ahead and apply, your chances aren’t bad at all, and if you get accepted, you know it will be worth it!

Law School Review: The University of Akron School of Law

The university as a whole; The University of Akron is an open enrollment state institution.The school is located in Akron Ohio.

Its Law shool is perhaps one of its best attributes. The University of Akron School of Law was rated 2nd best value in the nation.

Unlike the undergraduate school at Akron, the Law school is not open enrollment, in fact out of 1,919 applicants 732 were given offers. The median LSAT score is a 156, with a GPA of 3.14. Tuition for Residents is $16,497 per year and living expenses are estimated at $14,402 per year.Which is pretty cheap for law school.

Employment rate after 9 months of graduation is 92.8%.

Bar passing rates for first time test takers graduating from Akron is approximately 85%. (state average is 84%)| although in winter of 07 states passing rate was 79% and Akron’s was 92%|

Although the University of Akron School of Law is no harvard, it is a great Law school for those with a lower LSAT score and a moderate GPA. You can apply online for FREE so this is a very great backup school just incase you don’t get into the school of choice. You can apply here:


Here is a guidline to preparing for the LSAT. I have read numerous prep books fo the LSAT and there are many things that all of them include. Take as many practice tests as you can, and make sure that those practice tests were official or are as close to official as possible. You can order old LSAT tests from The tests come in books of 10 and usually cost anywhere from 19.95 – 30 dollars from this site. The LSAT is a test that you can study for, and preperation will result in a higher score!! This is great news because as long as you want to do well on the LSAT, there are plenty of resouces to do so. One of the most important skills is critical reading. In order to do well on the LSAT you should read carefully and critically. Also you should pace yourself, ofcoarse you should try to finish every problem, and sometimes that means that you will have to do a problem every 1.5 minutes. So there is a definate balance between taking you time and wasting time, as well as solving problems efficiently and rushing. You do not want to RUSH or WASTE TIME!!! These two things will decrease your score substantially. Reading efficiently in a careful and critical manner is the first step towards a great LSAT score.

Other skills that should be improved are problem solving skills. This is where taking alot of practice exams and working through example problems comes in. If you prepare for the logic questions you WILL improve your score.

The LSAT can be mastered, with a LOT of work. It is recommended to take a minimum of 8 practice tests before the real thing. So if you want to be a Lawyer start preparing ASAP!!!