Barack Obama Wins the Presidency!!! :)

Barack Obama wins the Presidency!!! Now we will see how he leads the country!
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Today marks a great day in history. Finally Americans understand the detrimental consequences of Reganomics. Its not about a small government or a big government, its about a smart government. Government is not the problem, as Reagan theorized, and small government with tax breaks won’t always solve the problem. Today most of the problems we are facing will require a large scale, organized, efficient solution; this solution must come from a fine tuned government.

Obama has the capability of changing the government from a body which relies on tax cuts, wastes resources and creates deficits, to one which taxes appropriatly, invests smartly and generates wealth. Obama will change the US from being a country who ignores its enemies and its allies, to one who gains respect and respects sovereign nations, and developes key relationships with its allies. America seemed like a dark place yesterday, but now it is a place full of hope.

It is Great to see Obama in office. He is a man who deserves everything posted on his resume, from Harvard grad to community organizer to member of senate, and now President of the United States of America. Now we will be united, and in this unity we will make substantial progress in energy independance, education, and economic stability.


Meet the Real Barack Obama

Do you want to meet the real Barack Obama?

Discover who the presidential Candidate is, “a mother’s promise” a short film biography of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama

Here are A couple of Mr. Obama’s Speeches:

Mr. Obama has given some incredible speeches, where sometimes hundreds of thousands attend. I think Barack Obama will be the best president in history if he is sworn in!