The Chemical Engineer Can Enter Any Career.

Although chemical engineering is geared towards process engineering, patroleum extraction and the like, a chemical engineer can do just about anything they want. Chemical Engineering is a rigorous programm that teaches those involved how to solve some of the toughest problems. If one succeeds in learning how to solve such an array of problems, one can apply this skill to any application in the work feild. Some Jobs that could foster the engineering mindset are Law, business, politics, education, and research.

I am very proud of being a chemical engineer, I am starting whats called the Engineering for Life project. The purpose is to show that every sector of the economy needs an engineer, and that the engineering lifestyle does not include any limitations. The questions that this project will seek answers to are A) How can an Engineer impact Law, Politics and Business, B) What Skills do engineers need to go into Law, Politics, or Business, C) What type of research is going on in medicine, energy, and consumer technology, D) what do engineers need to do to be a part of this research.

There will be questions added to the list, but the project will provide a pathway for Chemical Engineers (and other engineers as well) to become a great positive influence on society. Engineers are needed, and they have the opportunity to solve all of the worlds greatest challenges. Let us all work to improve living standards, healthcare, safftey, law, and politics. Engineering for Life is solving challenges, and this program will help you in achieving that status.