The FE Exam intro

All engineers need to take the FE exam. So what is the FE exam, and how should you prepare for it?

The FE exam stands for Fundamentals of Engineering, this is a test for All engineers to take. In order to be a Registered, or professional engineer, you must pass the FE exam.  The FE is given twice a year, once in April and once in October. for information on how to apply for the test go to

The FE Exam is 8 hours and is split into to 4 hour sessions, one in the mourning and one during the afternoon the same day. The first section is 120 questions on 12 subjects. The second section will be either a more in-depth general engineering option or a discipline-Specific option in Chemical, civil, electrical, industrial or mechanical engineering (Barron’s FE fundamentals of Engineering Exam p.ix)

The twelve subjects of study for the mourning section are Mathmatics, Engineering Probability and Statistics, computers, chemistry, ethics and business practices, engineering economics, engineering mechanics:statics, engineering mechanics:dynamics, strength of materials, material properties, fluid mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, biology.

Because of the large number of questions, (120 questions in four hours) you have about 2 minutes per problem. Time is probably the biggest factor!!! You need to be able to answer each question quickly and efficiently, and get used to answering questions that have no relation to each other. On the FE you are not penelized for guessing, therfore if you should never leave any question blank!! IT is suggested to study a minimum of 8 weeks for the FE exam, because there are 12 sections you should become very comfortable solving these questions. lastly of the FE there should be absolutly no cramming!!! you should start studying soon because the FE is definatly a test you can prepare for, it is not testing how smart you are, it is testing how much you know!