A great time for Chemical Engineers.

Wow there is a serious crisis, and i know some people on campus who can feel it. Last year at our annual career fair there were 6o some odd companies reqruiting engineers, and over 100 reqruiting business majors. This year there are around twenty companies visiting our campus for business majors and over 110 coming for our engineers!!! Well I will just say it feels good, especially considering the fact that our engineering department is substantially smaller than our business department. An Engineering Degree is worth the work, and it is alot of hard work. But I can see the economic benifits of being an engineer. Engineers are in demand, and companies pay alot to get a hold of one.

If you are considering engineering, I have one peice of advice, stay away from civil engineering,  and if you can do chemical, but mechanical is pretty good. But whatever you do, stay in engineering, and stick with it. I know first hand how hard it is, taking rediculous tests, studying all day, reading text 3 times, but you know what, you learn alot, and not just engineering. You also learn logic, and how to take a problem and solve it. These skills are crucial for success for the LSAT, GRE, MCAT and other tests. Well anyway engineering pays off, guaranteed.

For high schoolers, take alot of math, and physics, and chemistry, for those in University, do engineering. For those engineers finishing a bachelores, get a Ph.D.

Rest assured that over 90% of engineering graduates get a job upon graduation, no searching!!! in fact you can get all sorts of high paying internships as a junior, sophmore, and sometimes even freshman. I love my life, because i engineer for life.