John McCain’s Plan for Education

This is From John McCain’s Web-site |

John McCain believes American education must be worthy of the promise we make to our children and ourselves. He understands that we are a nation committed to equal opportunity, and there is no equal opportunity without equal access to excellent education.

Public education should be defined as one in which our public support for a child’s education follows that child into the school the parent chooses. The school is charged with the responsibility of educating the child, and must have the resources and management authority to deliver on that responsibility. They must also report to the parents and the public on their progress.

The deplorable status of preparation for our children, particularly in comparison with the rest of the industrialized world, does not allow us the luxury of eliminating options in our educational repertoire. John McCain will fight for the ability of all students to have access to all schools of demonstrated excellence, including their own homes.

No Child Left Behind has focused our attention on the realities of how students perform against a common standard. John McCain believes that we can no longer accept low standards for some students and high standards for others. In this age of honest reporting, we finally see what is happening to students who were previously invisible. While that is progress all its own, it compels us to seek and find solutions to the dismal facts before us.

John McCain believes our schools can and should compete to be the most innovative, flexible and student-centered – not safe havens for the uninspired and unaccountable. He believes we should let them compete for the most effective, character-building teachers, hire them, and reward them.

If a school will not change, the students should be able to change schools. John McCain believes parents should be empowered with school choice to send their children to the school that can best educate them just as many members of Congress do with their own children. He finds it beyond hypocritical that many of those who would refuse to allow public school parents to choose their child’s school would never agree to force their own children into a school that did not work or was unsafe. They can make another choice. John McCain believes that is a fundamental and essential right we should honor for all parents.

As president, John McCain will pursue reforms that address the underlying cultural problems in our education system – a system that still seeks to avoid genuine accountability and responsibility for producing well-educated children.

John McCain will place parents and children at the center of the education process, empowering parents by greatly expanding the ability of parents to choose among schools for their children. He believes all federal financial support must be predicated on providing parents the ability to move their children, and the dollars associated with them, from failing school.

Attacks on Obama Backfiring!

There is a general concesus amoung the press that attacking Obama is not working. In fact it it appears to be counter productive. Well this creates a very sticky situation for Mr. McCain, because he has promised conservatives that he will indeed bring up Obama’s tie to William Ayers. It seems like Mr. McCain is in a little bit of trouble. He faces a tough choice, either going back on his promise to the conservative activists, or further ruining his reputation. Obama’s relationship with William Ayers was not anything significant. Obama did not have any significant ties to the terrorist. It would be like saying McCain betrayed the country because he hung out with the vietcong so long. REDICULOUS.

John McCain’s attack on Obama is backfiring because it is baseless. Obama knows what needs to be done, and will do it. John McCain has proposed stupid things, and because he doesn’t have a foundation for his political agenda, he doesnt have a definitive attack on Obama. That is why he seems so agressive, his campaign lacks the policy we need to get America going again. 

It will be an interesting debat tomorrow, I am 100% sure that Obama will win. Obama has substance, McCain is trying to come up with something to come back. However there isn’t any ligitimate attack McCain can make against Obama, so he resorts to the terrorist approach. It will be a low blow, and it wont work.

McCain, the original Maverick, I mean Warrior, I mean Patriot,, err dangit

 A lot of people have asked the question who is OBAMA?

Well Now I ask WHO IS John McCain. This Maverick, the one who will fight for you, the one who calls you “my friend.” (shudder) Well now we will answer the question here right now, John McCain is exposed!!!

John McCain Graduated from the US Naval Acadamy, became a naval aviator, and faught during the Vietnam. John McCain almost died in war, he was a prisoner of war for 6 years and has the wounds to prove it. No one should ever discredit John McCains Military acheivements, because they are pretty sweet.

I have lots of respect for John McCain as a person, and he is probably the best republican candidate possible, however its too bad he is a Republican.

I nead to make this clear, the only reason I dont like John McCain is because of where he stands on the issues that face us today.

Issue number one- Taxing and spending: John McCain has hinted at a “spending Freeze” spending money only on military. This is not the correct approach to take, at this time we need to work at cutting military spending such as the war in Iraq and increase spending on education and technology. John McCain said that a Nation with a great Military will have a great economy however a great economy leads to a great military not the other way around.

Issue number two-Health Care. John McCain wants to give a Tax credit, Tax corporate health care plans, and eliminating state’s power to regulate health care providers. This is NOT a solution. With diagnostic technologies making ways, there will need to be a health care system to provide for those diagnosed with illness. The health care system is full of fraud, and there needs to be regulation. More people go bankrupt because of health care expenses than any other cause. Investing in health care will improve the working situation of americans and provide a better invironment for local and international corporations. This will insure that the American workforce will remain competitive.

Issue three- Foreign policy, Obama’s foreign policy agenda is vastly superior to John McCain’s. If Obama becomes president he will change the way America Interacts with its allies and ememies, he will use negotiaion instead of witholding communications as a “punishment.” Most importantly we need to get out of Iqaq, and that will only be done with a clear initiative. McCain wants to win the war, but what does that mean? We need to set out exactly what we need to do, and what is the responsibility of the Iraqi govornment. John McCain does not have a presice plan or expectation for Iraq and his predictions in the past have failed to be consistent with the way things have played out.

Green Energy– McCain says he wants Green Technology to evovolve but doesnt have any plan to insure that it does. Barack Obama will invest money into this critical sector of the economy with the initiative to be energy independent by the year 2020. McCain Promises no such investment.

In the end, John McCain is a good guy, but he will not be a good president. I do not think that John McCain will do what is necessary to make the change we need in our financial educational, and social infrastructure. Obama will.