Obama is president-elect: visit Change.gov

As we all know, Barack Obama has been elected president. This is great news for all of us who supported Obama. It was bitter sweet, I was ofcoarse happy that Obama was elected, however I was a little bit saddened by the end of this remarkable campaign. I felt as If I was part of something; a great political movement. But there is great news!! Barack Obama will not discontinue the incredible inclusion of all of us! We will all be apart of government in this new administration. go to www.change.gov and you will see what I am talking about. At this web-site there will be a news room, where you can get news straight from the Obama campaing, there will be a blog, a place where you can leave your story, and even an area where you can apply for a job. The Obama campaign will definatly continue this spirit of unity and change, and you should treat yourself to a vist to his new web-site. www.change.gov

Obama appoints Rahm Emanuel to serve as cheif of staff

Rahm Emanuel is the congressman from the 5th district of Illinois (Chicago’s north side). He was elected in 2002 and has been a major force in the house. Mr. Emanuel was born in chicago but grew up in wilmette, illinois. Emanuel recieved his master’s in communications from Northwestern University, and started his career with a consumer rights group named Illinois Public Action. Emanuel served a high level post in the Clinton White House, and gained alot of experience from his service with the administration. After leaving the white house in 1999 he returned to Chicago and made millions as an investment banker. After a few years he ran for Congress in illinois.

On thursday Rahm Emanuel accepted Mr. Obama’s invitation form him to be the White house chief of staff.

Barack Obama Wins the Presidency!!! :)

Barack Obama wins the Presidency!!! Now we will see how he leads the country!
Leave your thoughts on this election!

Today marks a great day in history. Finally Americans understand the detrimental consequences of Reganomics. Its not about a small government or a big government, its about a smart government. Government is not the problem, as Reagan theorized, and small government with tax breaks won’t always solve the problem. Today most of the problems we are facing will require a large scale, organized, efficient solution; this solution must come from a fine tuned government.

Obama has the capability of changing the government from a body which relies on tax cuts, wastes resources and creates deficits, to one which taxes appropriatly, invests smartly and generates wealth. Obama will change the US from being a country who ignores its enemies and its allies, to one who gains respect and respects sovereign nations, and developes key relationships with its allies. America seemed like a dark place yesterday, but now it is a place full of hope.

It is Great to see Obama in office. He is a man who deserves everything posted on his resume, from Harvard grad to community organizer to member of senate, and now President of the United States of America. Now we will be united, and in this unity we will make substantial progress in energy independance, education, and economic stability.


John Mcain vs. Barack Obama on Innovation and technology.

John Mcain Has a couple of key points in insuring innovation and technology in the future. The first is to lower corporate and capital gains taxes, this is to help investors feel that investing will be profitable (because they dont win every time lowering taxes will supposedly increase the willingness of investors to take a risk), the second is to reform intelectual property protection by (I am assuming) making them more secure the third is to allow companies to expense the first year of equipment and technology costs (I am assuming the government will be paying for that.)

John Mcain believes in low regulation, low taxes, and education. He believes that companies need the freedom to make investments. If companies have more cash (because of less taxes) they will ultimately make the desisions that will boost our economy, and boost innovation. John also sees the importance of securing patents and intellectual property because companies should make sure that their investements will safely pay off. Other than being in support of grants, He doesnt clarify how he is going to effect or imporve education, however he does aknowledge that more students should go into mathmatics and science.

Barack Obama sees that America is at risk of falling behind the rest of the world in the Global Economy. He states that a reason behind this may be that federal investments in the physical science and engineering research has dropped by more than half since 1970. He also recognizes the fact that American Students perform lower on scientific assessments than other students around the world. He blams the fact that american students are not prepared for a “21st century economy” because there has been a lack of investment and focus towards education (perhaps the single most important investment a country can make). Obama believes in keeping the enternet open he says:”A key reason the Internet has been such a success is because it is the most open network in history. It needs to stay that way. Barack Obama strongly supports the principle of network neutrality to preserve the benefits of open competition on the Internet. ” He also believes that America should leap ahead in broadband and intenet technologies, as well as cell phone tech. Obama also believes that he should focus on Investing in the sciences by doubling federal funding for basic research within 10 years. this will result in anging the posture of our federal government from being one of the most anti-science administrations in American history to one that embraces science and technology.


I believe that Obama is more aware of the issue facing America Today. Yes protection of Intelectual propert is important, but creating intelectual property is substantially more important. I beleive that funding for the sciences should definatly go up, and that is one thing Obama will do. It is important to note that many of the marketable technologies were created from an initial federal investement. Without federal investment in technology, the USA will lose its edge on Technology and therefore lose its high living standards and 13 trillion dollar economy.

Politics/ opinion– Truth about OBAMA

So Although politics does not have much do do with engineering, I believe that Everyone should understand politics, especially during a presidential election.

I have to admit that I am a democrat, but I will try my best to make sure all information is non partisan and unbiased. If there is a biased opinion posted by me you are free to post an alternative 🙂

To start off this political discussion, I have noticed there are alot of negative ads about obama, Here is a video which is made by left winged voters, but has alot of information to dislodge alot of half truths out there on the political market. Check this video out, and I will find others, Here is the Truth about Obama.

More videos at http://bravenewfilms.org

The start of this discussion will continue with every issue that I feel that engineering students and engineers in the work force should know.