Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin,,, Oh my

I am NOT a fan of Sarah Palin, and here is why. Sarah Palin has no, and I mean no redeeming quality to be VP. Let me show you why with a brief yet imformative biography of Mrs. Palin.

After Sarah graduated from Wassilla High school she went to Hawaii Pacific college. After one semester she had enough and left. She then transfered to North Idaho Community College for two semesters. She than left and transfered to University of Idah, but after a while stopped schooling. After she placed third in the Mrs. Alask Beauty contest, she returned to school and went to Matanuska Susitina community college for one term. She left Matanuska to return to University of Idaho to complete her bachelors in communications- journalism.

Five years later she became the mayor of Wassila, and four years later she became governor.

Now Here is the thing, I have met alot of journalist majors, and no offense but I am pretty sure they shouldnt be running a country. You dont really learn anything in that major, except how to write, in a newspaper, and how to communicate. Obviously she learned how to communicate thus getting elected to mayor and govorner, but she didnt really learn anything else. Sarah Palin is empty, she doesnt know anything and she doesnt have any significant experiences. She doesnt understand science, she doesnt understand politics and she doesnt realize that you can’t bullshit your way to the white house.

Sarah palin is “the student who didnt do her homework” of politics, and I can’t stand it. She can’t answer stupid easy questions, ones that all of the political science majors understand, ones that most any major understands (like what is the BUSH DOCTINE)

So maybe Sarah is a good person, but lets face it she does not have any redeeming qualities for a VP. No one is perfect, but people do a job that they know at least somewhat how to do. Sarah palin operating a country is just as rediculous as sarah palin operating on a patient in the ER, its rediculous, she hasnt learned how to diagnose or treat the economy and social problems.

Therefore NO SARAH PALIN. . . please!

Are you anti- PALIN!!!

Wow sarah palin is SOO stupid. I am literally an ANTI-PALIN supporter. I can never imagine sarah palin in office. As an engineer I believe that the United States of America is behind in technology, and it should be our primary goal to change that. Well Palin is definatly a step in the wrong direction, she didnt think that global warming was man made, and didn’t even know what the BUSH DOCTRINE was. Sarah palin must be stoped, we can’t let her into the white house.

Here are some great ANTI- PALIN T-Shirt shops, with all kinds of merchandice . Also here is the kaie couric interview with sarah palin. . For the sake of the nation, stop MRS. Palin!!! (check out SNL for some funny spoofs)

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