Some Basic Definitions: Chemical Engineering

Absolute Error- Error in a number that is a fixed value

AE- American Engineering System of Units

Conversion of units-change of units from one set to another

Derived units- Units deveopled in terms of the fundamental units

Dimensional consistency- Each term in an equation must have the same set of net dimesions

Dimensionless group- A collection of cariables or parameters that has no net dimensions

Dimensions- The basic concepts of measurement such as lenght or time

Force- A derived unit for the product of the mass and the acceleration

Fundamental units- Units that can be measured independently

Mass- A basic dimension for the amount of material

Pound force- The unit of force in the AE system

Pound force- The unit of mass in the AE system

Relative error- Fraction or percent error for a number

SI- Le System Internationale d’Unites (SI system of units)

Units- Method of expressing a dimension such as ft or hour

Validation- Determination that the solution to a problem is correct

Weight- A force opposite to the force required to support a mass (usually in a gravitational field)

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Where is star craft 2?

Last time I heard, Star Craft 2 was coming out in 2008, but here I am living in 2009 and there has been no release of star craft 2.

The enternet is permiated with star craft 2 screen shots and game play videos, but I am somewhat upset that the game hasn’t come out yet.

To start off, I will do what everyone else does, get you excited by showing you these screen shots and videos…

So I bet you are pretty excited right about now! However I am going to rain on your parade and make a prediction.

I predict that Star Craft 2 will be released late 2010.  I also believe that Diablo 3 will come out first.

So there is my prediction,,,

Here are some videos from Diablo 3:

My Prediction: Google’s Anti- Virus Software

Google is a  great company, they dominate the enternet search enginer business, and make a killing selling ad space. Google has the greatest algorithms, fastest servers, and consumer friendly products. The search enginer isnt the only thing Google has excelled in either, Google has literally taken over the E mail market, with their fast and easy to use service, and their new browser “Chrome” is a great piece of software.

All of this leads me to my prediction, I think that Google will come out with free anti- virus software. I think that if anyone could find out which viruses are out there fastest and cheapest, it would be Google. Google has created many types of sophisticated desktop software including google office and google CAD, so I believe that they have the resources to create the worlds best Anti- virus software.

Well anyway, sometimes I can tell the future, and time will tell on this one! In the mean time, enjoy!

John 3:16

Tim Tebow had an interesting message under his eyes: John 3:16.
As most of you know Tebow’s Family is very religious and prides themselves in doing missionary work.
When I saw this on Tebow’s face, I had one question… what is john 3:16.
So in case you don’t have a bible on hand, here it is:
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

So tebow seems to be a great missionary, showing his devotion on one of the world’s biggest stages!
In any case, I think it was kind of lame, but whatever…. I think tebow may be infinatly cooler than I am so I dont think he will mind @.@

University of Utah destroys Alabama

University of Utah, ranked 7th in the nation after a flawless 12-0 season secured its bid for the allstate sugar bowl playing Alabama, ranked 4th in the nation with a 12-1 record.

Now First of all, I need to say that I am a U of U student.

Ok, So there was a lot of talk going around before the game that U of U was “over rated” and wasnt the sexy team they were in 04. Alot of people were criticizing our quarter back and coach saying that they were the same calibur as the Alex Smith and Urban Meyer combo. Well I just have to say, I would take whittingham over Urban Meyer any day!!!

When the Game started, U of U won the coin toss and decided to defer recieving the ball until the second half. Now I know that many Bama fans thought of this as a mistake, giving offensive possession to the crimson tide first, and risking a total blow out. Well unfortunatly for Bama fans in worked out the other way. Lets just say that at the end of the FIRST quarter the score was 21-0. Utah had three drives, which all resulted in touchdowns. It looked rediculous, I couldnt believe my eyes. It looked like Alabama was some devision 2 team that Utah played in the begining of the season to be nice. In fact I was at the game Utah played against Weber state, and They put up a better fight then Alabama!

In any case the game went on, and Utah throttled Alabama ending the game with a 31-17 victory. Utah played excellent on both sides of the feild, with 336 passing yards, 2 interceptions, and 7 sacks, while Alabama seemed unable to do anything to stop us!


Well Enough, I just had to rant about how cool University of Utah is! A great school Academically, and a fierce competitor in the arena, I love my school!